Video quality on iOS

NewsBlur on iPhone and iPad show terrible video quality on YouTube videos. But the same video looks fantastic in YouTube app or Safari. How can we get HD video in NewsBlur?

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I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that. It’s YouTube providing the video. Perhaps the publisher is setting a lower quality for embedded videos. I would email the blog publisher and ask them to embed higher quality videos.

If I load the same video in either Safari or directly in YouTube it looks fantastic. It only plays in a low-resolution while in NewsBlur.

It’s consistent with all videos, not just one or two. It’s especially noticeable on ipad mini.

Hmm, I watch a few videos on my iPhone and they look fine. Now, when you say that you’re loading it in Safari, know that publishers may choose to use a lower quality embed which is different than on their website. Although in this case, I’m not sure why the quality is lower. I’ve noticed that there is sometimes a quality option, but I’m not sure if the in-app video player has it.