Very slick!

I had tried NewsBlur a long time ago, but ended up with Feedly as my Google Reader replacement. Since then, I’ve become annoyed with some of the things that Feedly does, and have been circling back to other readers to try them again. Wow - you’ve done an amazing job with NewsBlur since I last saw it! Many slick new features, easy-to-use interface and options, a lot of nice little touches. And it is open source! I’m not techie enough to download it and host it myself, so I appreciate you offering this service. I am going to try it for some time as free, but at this point I fully expect to upgrade to premium soon! Thanks for a great product!

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Thanks for your great feedback! A lot has changed for the better over the past year. And I’m involved today just as much as I ever was (although I’ve been at home sick as a dog for the past three days, not getting much done).

The open-sourcing of the code is to reieve the bus factor. If I ever get hit by a bus (or, worse, decide to stop working on NewsBlur), somebody else can take the code and make their own hosted version.