Using Newsblur to Populate News Articles on My Webiste

Hi All,

I subscribed to a NewsBlur premium account so that I could aggregate and publish important news items to the website of a U.S.-based nonprofit I manage.

The site developer appears to have integrated the NewsBlur API into the site; however, instead listing the folders and rss feeds that appear in the left-hand column of my dashboard under “All Site Stories,” my site lists what appear to be Newblur’s default folders (viz, “All,” Blogs," “Cooking,” “Tech,” and “Writers”).

Is NewBlur API designed to allow me to link a mirror image of the the articles and folders in my dashboard to my site?

If so, can anyone give me instructions that can be relayed to my developer to get it working properly?

Any help would be appreciated.

There’s no reason to use NewsBlur’s API to publish stories that are shared or saved on NewsBlur as there are RSS feeds published by NewsBlur. Right-click on a folder or saved story tag or a blurblog and go to Settings to find the RSS feed. Then it’s a matter of displaying the RSS feed on your site, which is easy to do with a number of plugins for every system.