Username (email address) is now limited to 30 characters?

Cannot log in since my username (email address) totals 31 characters.  My long-running session/cookie kept me able to log in on my existing browsers.  I started fooling around with a new Raspberry Pi this evening, and upon starting the browser up tried to log into But it rejected me since my email address is too long.  Thinking it was a problem with Chromium on the Pi, I logged off my regular browser (Chrome on Mac OS), and now I can’t log back in there either!

How do I fix this?  I don’t want to use a different email address just for this app… and I was able to log in with this current address for a while so I’m guessing the character limit is a relatively new change?

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Hello? Is this thing on?  :slight_smile:

What is the normal time to get a response for a problem like this? I’m unable to use my paid-for application because of this new restriction on username length, so I’m not sure what to do next.  Thank you!

Try emailing as well.

Hey, you should email me your username. If you know your actual username that may work as well.

Also, there’s nothing I can do about the limit, as that’s actually in the original Django model. They may have changed that in future versions of Django that I haven’t upgraded to, but it does seem a bit short. Email me and I’ll get you sorted out.

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Ok, officially embarrassed now!  I forgot about the plain username option… all is good!

But I am wondering how I was able to switch my email address to one that was too long from one that was a slight bit shorter originally… maybe different code paths or something?

Regardless, I am now able to log in again. Thanks for the memory jog!

Just curious - is there a way to mark this as closed/resolved? Or is that something that only moderators can do or something…