User interface suggestions

Just some thoughts for you Samuel when you get the time to review.

+Feeds list+

  1. Folder icon, I would suggest this is used to minimise and maximise a list, ala file explorers. Moving the menu arrow icon (which appears on hover currently) to be on the far right, this will allow unread counts to remain in a static position.

  2. Saved items, I’d like to put these into folders as well like the sites above.


Just noticed that when highlighting text in chrome there is no change to indicate this.


Sharing options at the bottom of an item, currently if I want to share something on twitter / facebook / google+ then I need to scroll back up and right click to select my preferred option.

(FYI, under “Learn to use NewsBlur” there is a reference “This is a free service that is always getting better.”)


Yeah - I’d second this. Fully appreciate you have far more pressing concerns at the moment, and also aware of some new design you’re planning to roll out early, but great as NewsBlur is, now I’m using it the UI is driving me a little mad.

Nothing major, but as mentioned above things jump all over the place depending on where you roll the mouse. I’m all for roll-over actions but can they appear without moving everything else?

Examples include:

  • folder counts (as mentioned)
  • The feed title when you go to mark all read, etc

Not urgent but something to think about when you’re not working 20hr days just to keep the service up!