User interface problem in binary selection panels- not clear which is active selection.

Every time I see the control panels or popups, I get confused by the White for selected, Grey for unselected user interface situation. It is no problem with multiple choices, as you can deduce which is selected, but when you only have 2 choices, it isn’t clear which is selected and which isn’t, unless you remember the arbitrary fact that white is selected. Is there a way to add another indication to show what is selected. Perhaps a heavier line surrounding the active selection?


So when I introduced these segmented controls we had the same discussion. I actually had it the opposite, although slightly different. Somewhere on GS there are screenshots of how it used to look. Anyhow, the key is to look for the darker text. It’s pressed in and white, but the darker text is what I use.

Actually, i did notice that after a while of looking at my own screenshot, but i think it is far too subtle. If you have to tell me what to look for, it needs some more tweaking, and I’d still encourage you to consider either making that text even bolder, and/or add something else that makes it easer to see at a glance, such as the outline of the button i suggested earlier. It seems like i’m not the only one who finds it confusing, for what it is worth…

I just click back and forth until I can figure out what’s going on. Radio buttons would be the obvious choice for this UI, no?


Samuel, I think part of the issue is that you have made “light” selected, so you have shaded box vs light box with dark fonting, and both simultaneously communicate that they are the selected item . User interface is hard!