User avatars can be animated gifs

I don’t want to be distracted by animation while reading because someone with an animated avatar happened to comment on a post. Either animated user avatars shouldn’t be allowed, or if that’s too draconian, it’d be nice to have an option to have avatars de-animated.


What browser do you use to access Newsblur? For many, there are ways to turn off animated gifs.

For anyone using Firefox, I recommend… . It’s more selective than setting image.animation_mode in about:config.

Expecting users to hack their web browsers up to work around bad policy doesn’t seem like a great solution to me. Newsblur is an RSS app, not a forum, and it seems to me that animated user avatars aren’t appropriate to its purpose.


“Hack”? Srsly?

I understand your concern, since you don’t like them! However, I as a Newsblur user disagree, as I’m not bothered by them. :slight_smile:

I’m also just another user… who was trying to be helpful.

Sorry if my comment came off as angry, 9ttL2. I appreciate your comment, and thanks for trying to help. I know that I can configure my browser not to animate GIFs, but my concern was that allowing animated gifs in NewsBlur is just the wrong policy given its purpose. IMO, a web app ought to try to do the right thing by default, to minimize the amount of configuration end users need to get the experience they want.