URL to go directly to a Newsblur folder?

Hi guys! Within Newsblur, there’s one folder of feeds that I read all the time. Is there a way I can go directly to that folder? When I go directly to the URL < http://newsblur.com/folder/insert-fol… > (which is the URL that appears in the URL bar when I click on that folder in the left column), it just brings me to my main Newsblur page instead, not the page for that folder. Thank you!!! morgan

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When you click on the folder, it should populate the address bar of your browser with the correct url. You should be able to refresh the page and have the same folder open up.

Yes. But that URL, when I go to it in a *new tab* – it doesn’t go to that folder page. When I open it in a new tab, it displays that URL in the address bar correctly, but it just loads up the main folder, not that particular sub-folder.

(I’m happy to send you screenshots but I don’t want to post them publicly here!)

Thank you for your help!

Sure, send them to samuel@newsblur.com.