URL for feed changed to completely different feed.

I had a subscription originally imported from the OPML file from Google Reader
to the Virtual Shackles web comic using the feed URL

Today I noticed that my subscription for that feed has changed to use the feed
URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/dyn-blog

The only relationship seems to be that both feeds go through feedburner.

I think I’d read some articles from the correct feed using NewsBlur. But it’s
possible that I’m mistaken (I have still been using Reader a little bit), that
the imported feed URL was incorrect from the beginning and today was just the
first time that the wrong feed had a new article.

I find this to be quite disturbing, if this happened to one feed could it
happen to others as well?

My username is aschrab, I’ll avoid making changes to that feed for awhile to
better allow you to see what happened and hopefully avoid further occurrences.


It’s because feed burner is known for changing the feed URL with a 301 permanent redirect. I’ve handled a few other cases by hand as well. It gives me pause as well, but there’s little I can do about it other than manually review all feed burner redirects by hand, which measures in the hundreds per day.

My advice is to change the feed address, which locks it into place, ensuring it doesn’t happen again. You can change it by right-clicking on a site and going to Site Settings.

I can’t fix this with your suggestion. I used Site Settings to change the url to http://feeds.feedburner.com/VirtualSh… and it still shows “Dyn” content. Newsblur also changed the feed name when I saved it to “Dyn”.