urban75 blog shown as "Untitled" and doesn't load



is parsed quickly but displays “Untitled” with an “!” icon in the feed list - and no content.

Trying to fix it with any of the 3 actions (retry, change feed address, change Web site address) hangs in all cases …

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Spent some time looking into this. It seems that urban75 is either forcibly limiting NewsBlur, or it’s just too slow and times out every time I try to fetch it. I can reproduce the effect on my development machine, but it seems that the site is just very, very slow and NewsBlur times out. My advice would be to reach out to them and ask why it’s so slow. I’d be happy to implement anything that they would like to see on requests (such as custom headers).

Thanks for this - I will approach them although I suspect, given the subject matter of the site, that their expertise is not in the tuning of servers!

There’s just something fishy with this site. In my browser, the RSS feed loads instantly, but from the command line, it takes > 30 seconds. I already spoof the browser in unimaginably thorough ways (user agent, connection parameters, and using a fallback URL request library – requests then urllib2).

Just to tidy this up - there was no response from u75, despite various attempts to contact them. However, the feed appears to be working OK now!