Upload starred.json button greyed out. How do I import starred items?

The import starred.json button isn’t working for me. In the Import or Upload Sites window the Upload starred.json button is greyed out. How do I import my starred items from Google Reader? I’ve done the takeout thing and have the .json file, I just can’t figure out how to upload it.


Hah, that didn’t take long. I just launched the new intro wizard. I didn’t get around to finishing up the starred stories, but I had to get rid of the old Reader OAuth import. I’ll finish it sometime this week or next. As long as you still have your Takeout, you’ll be fine.

Will it take time to populate? I still can’t get it to work?


Thanks Samuel.

Once you implement importing the STARRED items saved in the JSON file from Google Reader, could you please place a menu item in settings to enable this to be uploaded, or alternatively permit the “Setup newsblur” process to be run again on an account that has already run that setup process. Otherwise we won’t be able to upload our JSON file !

You should be able to get to the wizard by going to the gear (bottom-right of the sidebar) and choosing “Import or Upload Sites”.


Any update? I was just trying to do this today and was unable to upload my starred.json file - the button is greyed out. Thanks,

I am having this issue as well, and I am a premium member.