Upgraded to Premium, But Account Still Says It's a "Free Account"

I decided that I was going to upgrade to the Premium account today (was a former premium user). Paid with PayPal. I got the “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” screen that says it’s upgrading my account to premium. After that screen disappeared, everything on the page still says “Free Account.” The settings menu still has the “Upgrade to Premium” link. All of the “Premium” features are still inaccessible. Please fix.


Sure, what’s your username?


I am having the same problem.  My username is jeffreysnorris.

Both should now be OK. I’m trying to figure out why Paypal’s IPN notifications aren’t always firing.

Thank you sir! :slight_smile:

I’m also currently in this situation. My username is ryanadams.

Ditto I’m afraid, ooobo

Also on the same problem, username ‘jesgar’.

Everybody above should be taken care of now. I found the bug but I haven’t figured out the solution yet. It’s a signal issue w/ Django.

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I am having the same problem. My user name is r3wire.

My username is marceloparahyba and I am having the same problem. What do i need to do?

Cleaned up the backlog of paypal payments. Will continue to periodically cleanup the backlog until i figure out the signals issue in django.