Upgrade price has doubled?

Went to renew my premium account and I thought the price was $12 but when I received my receipt it said $24. When did the price change? I don’t remember getting any advance notice.

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Pricing went up to $24/year back in March. Only folks who haven’t cancelled their subscription were grandfathered in at $12/year. You must have cancelled your subscription.

No I never cancelled.

Not sure what’s going on,

What’s your username? I’d be happy to fix it for you.

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Late responding we have been hit by the flu. My username is mrsstench.

There you go, your account should never expire now.

Oh my thank you!

Hello, wondering if things changed? It say my renewal date is the 9th of January.

I checked my payment history and it was $24 for both 2013-04-05 and 2014-04-05, does that sound right?

no I paid $24 on 1/2014 which should have covered all 2014 and 2015. Also I thought my account wasn’t going to expire?

Still waiting on a response. Thank you.

Ok, fixed it for you. Not sure what happened, but it probably had something to do with that stripe payment.

Thank you.

Now my credit card has been charged? What is going on? This needs to be rectified.

wow, this is a comedy of errors

Well I figured you canceled payment. If you pay, it’s going to reset your premium expiration from “never” to “one year from payment”. I’m going to reset it again, but please make sure you cancel any additional payments, which you cna do from Manage > Account > Payments.

I also refunded your payment.

Thank you, I thought I had removed my credit info. I went into my account and cancelled subscription renewal. It is hard to tell if it worked or not. Is there a way to know if my card info and recurring subscription have been cancelled?

Hello, why did my account get downgraded again?