updated to 4.5 on ios 7.1.2 4S. Crash on launch

I do have a lot of feeds so it may be being overwhelmed.

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Same problem on iPhone 4, same iOS.

I had this happen to me for iOS 8.0.2 on my iPad 3. Crashed the first two times I tried to load it, worked the third time (and no problems since).

I have the crash logs if you need them, although they should have been forwarded to iTunes Connect.

The number of feeds shouldn’t be a problem. Can I have usernames please? I’ll take a look at each of them to see what’s going on. And if anybody else adds to this list, please tell me your username, phone/ipad version, and iOS version.

It’s happened on my iPad mini thru-out the day today. My iPhone 5s just updated and it did it to the first time, but then went in just now so haven’t had time to check it out. Both running latest iOS 8

data in title of first post. I did the update last night (10pm pst) and tried restarting the app 5 or 10 times and the phone once. I reverted the app this morning after it failed again.

Username: bazza80
As mentioned in my comment, since the second crash I have had no problems. I can also upload the crash logs from Xcode if you need them.

and after re updating it is fine. Server issue maybe?

Same crashing problem here. Username john80203

I probably have a database upgrading bug that I need to suss out. However, after the first crash, everything’s fine? Anybody having issues even after that happens?

uninstall then reinstall would probably work if you are having the issue.

Mine on the iPad still isn’t opening at all. It’ll show the home screen, but then crash after a minute. My iPhone opened it after a crash or two.

I was successful after uninstalling it, downgrading it to 4.1, and then reupdating it.
I do not think it was necessary to downgrade it. I had to re enter my password otherwise things seemed to still be configured they way I left it.

I do not recommend reinstalling the app, if you can help it. You should not have to. I haven’t been able to detect any crashes related to upgrading, but if after the first crash it is still crashing, I’d like to know about it.

Richard, if the app won’t open at all I’m not sure what the issue is. What’s your username so I can take a look at your account?


I know you said shouldn’t have to, but I finally deleted and re-installed the app; working as previous right now.

Working as previous means that it’s working correctly or incorrectly?

Sorry, working correctly right now

Mine won’t open after upgrading. Krusovice is username. Just crashes after home screen on iPhone 4s.