update feeds on application startup *android app*

could you add simple feature where all feeds are being updated on application startup so we don’t have to push refresh button every time, at least on my galaxy s3’s it doesn’t refresh on startup…


It should be doing this already. There should be a 10 minute window where it won’t refresh because it just did, but the iOS app currently does refresh.

unfortunately it doesn’t but thanks a lot for taking a look on it in future :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this is definitely not happening in Android right now

This has been a major issue for making me regret paying for newsblur. I’ll spend my *entire* bus commute waiting for newsblur to get around to updating, never get anything read, and then I wind up being 2 weeks behind and newsblur decides to mark all my unread messages as read. *fume*

Anyhow, I don’t understand why newsblur for android can’t update in the background, while my phone is sitting unused on my desk, so that new/read/unread messages are correct when I decide I want to use the app. While I’m at my desk, I’m using the web app, so the android read/unread count is always wrong when I open up the app on my phone.

yup I also don’t understand that at all, it’s basic funcion for mobile apps nowadays, what is more it would be nice to see feed updates integration in notification area or smthing :wink:

A fix for this is all ready to go, things just got a little delayed with the visual redesign. Watch out for an Andriod update soon!