Unresponsive Script in Firefox

I’ve been getting this error in FireFox 16 quite a bit in the last few days. Usually I have to close and re-launch FireFox 3-4 times to get NewsBlur to start working again.

As you can see in the screenshot, the window never finishes loading so it makes NewsBlur completely unusable.

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Uhh, is this still an issue? I’m running FF 15 and it works great. FF 16 is definitely in beta, so I wouldn’t discount the fact that stuff might be broken. I run Webkit nightlies (for the latest Safari) and tons of stuff is broken on the web.

I’ve cleared the cache and removed a few add-ons and I haven’t had a problem since. The wierd part was that I had been running FF16 for a couple of weeks and not had a problem. Then suddenly it started happening every couple of hours or so.

But I think you can safely let this one go, I’ll let you know if it starts happening again.

Well, I launch about a dozen times a day, so there is a strong possibility that I launched something that interfered and caused the issue. Also, I *did* just change the markup for the feed list, so it’s likely that I caused this one. But a refresh should fix it.