Unread zombie items

My “everything” view is showing 12 items all from one particular feed. The thing is, these items are all items I’ve read. They date between July 24 and July 31. I’m calling them “zombie” items because a) they’re back from the dead (I’ve already read them) and b) they won’t die (clicking on them does NOT mark them as read) (whoops, user error on this part. They do die. But why are they there in the first place?).

In the side bar, this same feed shows as having 1 unread item, not 13. If I click on the feed itself, I get 1 unread item in the main window. But back in “Everything” i see the 1 real unread item and the 12 zombies.



This might be the oldest-first bug Sam referred to in another thread. I just reset to Newest and the problem has disappeared.