Unread story incorrectly marked as read

I thought I was seeing this very sporadically, so I changed my preferences to mark stories as read manually to see if it was just me not paying attention or an actual problem.

This evening, I did find a new, unread story in one of my feeds that is marked read. (Different from the problem of unread stories not being counted in the sidebar.) The story was posted this morning at 9:31am, and I haven’t read it, nor did I manually mark it read.

Someone mentioned as an aside in another topic that they thought they were having this problem, but like me they weren’t completely sure. Maybe they’ll chime in here if they’ve been able to confirm?


I found at least two more instances of this today. Different feed than before. Any progress?

If this happens again, paste in the URL that you’re at. That will help me determine what specific view you’re in.

Thank you - will do. I bet I won’t see it any more now, though.

I don’t know if this is the same issue or not, but I’ve been noticing recently that I will open Newsblur (I have it set to load a default folder first (http://newsblur.com/folder/–first-ag…)), and then for a split second I will see a few stories, and then they’ll disappear.

At first I thought these were stuff that was getting hidden. But I find on browsing through feeds or all site stories that there are some new things that aren’t marked hidden which I definitely don’t remember seeing.

Yeah, this is definitely happening. It doesn’t seem to matter if I change the default folder setting, and it also doesn’t seem to matter whether I have it set to mark things read immediately or after a delay.

Don’t know if it is connected, but I have the view setting to unread only in split view with Feed, selected Lifehacker: it displayed 1 in the counter, showed up 2 articles in the list, the first one displayed as already read, and the second one was unread.

Also may or may not be related:

If a folder is set to “Text” view, and I click on the folder, the first item in that folder is immediately marked as read. However, if the folder is set to “Feed” view, this does not happen.

I have “Feed” view set by default, and I will often click on the folder so as to get a birds-eye view of what’s happening in the all-stories pane. When that happens, no stories will be marked read unless I use the mouse or keyboard to start navigating the posts.

However, folders remember the last view setting, and when a folder is left in “Text” view, when I next click on that folder, the first story in it is immediately marked as read. (This also seems to be true in “Story” view.)

It seems to me that the behavior should be the same in this area regardless of the view setting. I would prefer that no stories be marked read just because I clicked on their folder.

It would also be nice if there was a way to specify a default setting for the folder, as opposed to just remembering the last view used. Even the ability to force the global default site-wide would help.