Unread Story Feed number changes automatically

Every time I select any Feed or Folder it automatically changes its total number of unread stories. See attached video. I’ve tried the Beta and the normal website too. Sometimes all of them disappear no matter how many stories there are & sometimes it only disappears partially like in the attached video. All the feeds & folders do this. I can still see the new stories, but it’s difficult to know where the new stories end, and the old stories start with no correct counter anymore. Any help and/or suggestions? Please help. Thanks! (I had to use a Dropbox link instead because you can’t upload videos I just discovered - Dropbox - Capto_Capture 2021-07-15_12-10-53_PM.mp4 - Simplify your life)

I’ve noticed that the number of stories that automatically become read are always random. It happens whether it’s on the Feed or I click on the Folder of Feeds. Sometimes it auto-marks all the stories as read in a Feed. I hope someone has an answer to what is going on soon. Thanks!

I’ve seen this too but can’t reproduce it well enough to fix. If you spot a pattern to it, let me know. I hope to fix it soon!

Oh wow, bummer, no, it’s completely random. It’s been happening for the past few months, but it never used to do this prior to an update I’m guessing, because this is a new(er) issue since I’ve been using NewsBlur for almost 2 decades now. 2013! Wow!