unread/oldest not showing on Android App

Hardware: Sony Tablet S
System: Android 4.0.3
Newsblur app version: v4.1.0
My account: seer

Since last API update (this with hidden stories) I cannot read any stories in unread/oldest mode on Android App.
Unread/Newest works fine.
Web version works fine.
I have the same problem in Metroblur app on Windows Phone 8.

I’ve tried to contact with you through @NewsBlurSupport twitter account but you’ve ignored me, telling me that I’m wrong. So here are screenshots. Hope it’s enough to prove that it’s not working for me.

Android app Home
Don’t know if it’s the same problem but please notice the ring that never stops rotating in top-right corner.

Here it’s what I see after I click “ALL STORIES” in unread/oldest


Checked new version of app - still the same.

Home Screen:

and ALL STORIES in unread/oldest mode

Same on Metroblur.

Again, I suspect the problem is with API, because it stopped working just after API update.

Ah-ha, I bet it’s hidden stories. Try on the web, it works, right? I have a solution coming out soon. You can watch the issue on github: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/issues/664

Seems that version 4.2.1 of Android app fixed the problem.

On Metroblur problem still exists, which is understandable because you have made breaking changes to API.

One thing I can’t understand: You’ve decided to make braking API changes so that Reeder doesn’t need to change its code, but all other clients need to be updated. Why Reeder has such privilege?

I’m asking because Metroblur seems to be no longer maintained (small errors are no longer fixed) and it’s the easiest Windows Phone Newsblur client for me. There is also Swift Reader but as I remember it also stopped working after API change.

I guess include_hidden should be true by default.

Yeah, I’ve definitely made the right decision, since it’s not just Reeder that had difficulty with the training. Metroblur needs to either get fixed or you should use the official NewsBlur Android app, which is faster, more feature complete, and well supported.

And other clients don’t need to get updated, it would just benefit fit them to do so. Your use case is rare, as you’ve hidden more stories than most. I do the same thing, but most users do not, so they wouldn’t even notice. 

Plus, other clients don’t use the same paging style that the official apps and Metroblur use. Clients like Unread, Reeder, and ReadKit all use the story ID method, which means they aren’t affected. This just hides hidden stories from those clients. They don’t break on Oldest First.