Unread count really not up to date while the posts are loaded


i have just registered to Premium Account and i love News Blur.
But it seems to be give bad unread counts.

I have added around 300 seeds. The same as in Google Reader.
I have read everything and marked everything as read in both News Blur and Google Reader.

After one day, Reader has 319 unread posts, mixed in many seeds, while News Blur shows only 81 unread posts.

On some Google sites feeds, news Blur shows 2 unread posts while Reader shows 6.

The big problem is that when i look at a feed with 1 unread post from today in Reader and then i look at this feed (with no unread count) in News Blur, i find the latest post. Written today. But it was not in Unread status

What can i do ?
i can give you many examples …


Hmm i have made some tests and i have discovered that it seems to come from some feeds not being updated. I thought the update was at least every day but it seems to be less than that for small feeds …

See this screenshot : my feed had never been refreshed …
After refresh i get the real unread count… it works

Why is it not refreshed more than once a day ?