Unread count not updating

The unread count on some feeds is not updating ( http://goo.gl/kGpEI ); as you can see, there are two unread articles in this feed but there is not unread count for it, while other feeds are working correctly. Thanks.


I’m having this same problem. There was a topic about unread counts on the development server:


But, I’m not using the dev server.

I’ve also noticed that, especially on some feeds, some stories are being marked as “read”, even thought they are actually “unread”.

I’m also having the same problem. I try to do most of my reading of folders with the view set to “unread only” and I now find I’m missing a number of unread articles because the feed is showing 0 unread. I’m now having to open each individual feed to make sure I’ve found all unread items. When you look at the individual feeds the articles show as unread yet the total unread count is 0.

Hmm, I must’ve done something to how those feeds are counted. I bet this is a direct result of the real-time push though. So I need to figure out some way to update those unread counts. Maybe I’ll move the refresh_feeds call back to its normal speed.

This issue is still happening for me.

It’s happening for me, too. I started a topic about this around 5 months ago and must not have seen this earlier one at the time. (The other topic is https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/topics/sidebar_shows_no_unread_items_in_a_feed_but_main_pane_correctly_show_unread.) Also as yet resolved. I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue, so I’ll start watching this topic as well.

I still experience this problem as well.

FWIW, in my case with a feed I’m particularly interested in it happens that while when I explicitly open it, I correctly see unread stories but the unread counter in the sidebar is always 0.

In my case it can be that the feed in question has two stories with incorrect dates (both in 2014). Which is an error for sure but the unread count is always 0.

i’m also seeing this on a very regular basis (every day).

on the desktop site, i’ll read everything in a feed but it will show as having 4 or 5 items unread.

on android, i’m regularly seeing negative numbers in the unread count.

the only way i can fix these is to go back to the feed agan and click the ‘mark as read’ button.