Unread articles randomly marked read

Reading one of the folders in my feed, clicked the title in the list to open it, and EVERY item in the folder got marked as read. There were still about a dozen items left that have NOT been read yet.

When this happens, if you hit ‘r’ (same as clicking on the folder again to refresh) do the stories come back as unread? Is this only on the web?

I have not tried. When it happens again, I will try.

Yes. I have not seen this happen in the Android app.

Just happened again. No, they don’t. They are marked as read when this happens, so when the folder is refreshed, they are completely removed from view.

Can you post a full browser screenshot of this happening right after it happens? I wonder if its folder/feed specific or something about your view settings.

Ok. I think all it’ll show is items below the current item marked as read, though.

It is not folder specific, when it happens in a folder with “more” items, it’s not all of them but “some” of them, a dozen or two. The one constant is that when I open the current item to read it, the unread items are pushed down the window.

I’m set with to sort oldest at the top so I scroll down the pate oldest to newest.

Not the dozens that it normally does, but it just happened again and it marked three as read. Which is how many the article pushed down out of view.

And again, below screen is unread; read items are off the top of the screen.

This appears to be way more frequent that it used to be. Before, it would happen only occasionally. This is now three times (at least) in two days.

Can you turn off “Mark read on scroll” under the Style popover in the bottom right? See if that fixes things.

I can do that, assuming this is merely a test.

If I manually scroll back down because I accidently went past something I wanted to read, what gets pushed down this way does not get marked as read.

With the option “Mark read on scroll” off, I have not experienced this issue. Turned the option back on today, and boom, it happened again.

What debugging info do you need from me regarding my browser and setup? I’m assuming this is not a widespread issue since no one else has chimed in with any “me toos”.

Yeah this is only temporary but it seems something fishy is going on with the mark read on scroll feature. Does this happen to any stories that are on the dashboard?

I don’t use the dashboard, it does not show what I want and there is no way I see to customize it. Forex, I have “Show infrequent site stories” off, but the dashboard still shows them. So I ignore that entire thing and just open the folder I want to read.

You can customize which folders the dashboard shows. Click the filter popover (unread/all, newest/oldest first) in the top right of the dashboard module.

In any case, since I don’t use the dashboard, I go immediately to the folder tree and open those up.

This is still happening on the web site. MS Edge and Firefox. It appears that sometimes, the site thinks opening an article equals scrolling past the ones below it even though I have the list sorted in the other direction.

I have the same issue.

same issue..

I would turn off mark read on scroll if this presents an issue. If you can make a screen recording of this happening, that would help me figure out what you’re seeing.