Unnecessary URL shortening when sharing to twitter

When sharing an article, the URL is shortened with bitly even when it’s not necessary. A shortened URL is just less readable than the original one…

The sharing panel should either shorten only when the title of the article plus the link are too long, or provide a button to shorten the URL.


Shortening is unnecessary, period. URLs on Twitter only take up 22 characters no matter how long they are. I would say just post the title and the URL, and we’ll shorten the title if the title + 22 characters for the URL is longer than 140 characters.

I don’t shorten any links. That’s IFTTT that’s doing the bit.ly shortening, unfortunately. I’ll see what I can do about getting that turned off.

OK, I’ve emailed them to kindly ask for bit.ly to be turned off for the NewsBlur channel. We’ll see if they can, since they might be using bit.ly to track URLs.

This is in reference to the iPhone app (I’m using the dev version of the app downloaded this morning). When you share a link through the app to Twitter (for example), it sends the link through bit.ly first.

Ahh, I see. Anyway, IFTTT just got back to me and said:

“Thanks for the heads up about the feedback and the API rule changes. It’s not a problem, users can turn off bit.ly auto-shortening here: https://ifttt.com/preferences/settings. Unfortunately, we don’t yet support disabling/enabling link-shortening on a per channel basis, so if users disable the setting it will alter the output for all channels.”

Anyway, I’ll try to remove the bit.ly shortening for Twitter on iOS.

OK, next beta shouldn’t truncate URLs.

Thanks a lot Samuel! :slight_smile:

The 4.0 release still shortens URL… new bug or did you just not have to time to take care of this?

The problem seems to be gone from the latest beta (downloaded today).