unfortunately newsblur has stopped!

The android app worked fine this morning but now it keeps force closing on me. Ive uninstalled/reinstalled,cleared the app data,rebooted and kept any running apps to a minimum. Any idea how I troubleshoot this issue? No idea whats caused this (I have auto update on google play on so something could have updated today but I dont know what) Was newsblur updated?

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The most recent update was 2.5.0 from last week. Is it possible that this is the new version? What Android OS version are you running? It’s totally possible that it’s an old version of Android and I borked it (API level 14 vs level 17).

There are at least two known bugs in this release. One has to do with using mark-all-as-read on All Stories - are you by any chance using this regularly? The other should be resolvable by simply clearing data for the app and logging in again.

Thanks for the replies. Im running a version of Jelly Bean (think 4.2.2) its an AOKP custom firmware on a Samsung tablet.

I had a thought last night related to the behaviour of the issue. Basically on loading the app using a wifi connection it appears to display/load the feeds as normal with the top right hand corner loading timer/circle rotating just that bit too long and then the app crashes. So it looks like its updating feeds ok, but crashes when it should stop updating.

Now, I also have it installed on my phone so I was able to compare the behaviour, so when I say just that bit too long, I could see that the phones behaviour (also JB 4.2.2) was slightly different in that the timer/circle disappeared and everything worked as expected on wifi.

So this made me think about the network, so I tried loading it using 3g on the tablet and low and behold it works fine!!! Which means its something to do with the wifi connection on the tablet. Now I know the app was working fine last week as I used it with no problems on wifi, so I suspect somethings gone a bit funny and its related to the wifi.

I guess one way to troubleshoot the issue might be to get hold of the previous .apk and load that and see if the problem still occurs (that way I know its my tablet/firmware/wifi), is that an option? Did anything change related to how the app handles wifi connections from the last version?

any suggestions?

So long as the crash gets reported via the usual mechanism, we have everything we need.

Whats the usual mechanism?I just get a message stating its stopped, so not sure anything is sent. Can I assume this happens in the background?

I’m not sure about your particular roms, but vanilla Android and most close derivatives will have a “report” button on the “Unfortunately . . .” dialogue, provided the app was installed via the Play store. This sends the full crash report straight back to us.

hmmm, no report button. Just get an ok dialog.

Sounds like an issue with your rom, sadly. On vanilla and CM10, the button shows up pretty reliably for market-installed apps. Rest assured, though, most bugs get hit by more than one person, and we get plenty of reports, so it should get caught before long!

So, I had a dig around in the settings of the firmware and found the debug options. I have now setup Newsblur as an app to debug and it shows the “Report” button :slight_smile:

Ive run the app a couple of times and reported/sent debug logs titled “unfortunately Newsblur has stopped” so hopefully you now have logs of the issue.

I did notice on the debug report it mentioned a java.io.outofmemeroy exception…

Does Newsblur do something different on 3g in terms of data/cache than on wifi? I know my SD card was potentially a bit low on space (although there is about 1gb left)

Ok…very odd now. My android phone appears to have developed the same problem with the app!

Same issue on wifi as the tablet. Different firmware Jb 4.2.2 AOSP.

Ill try and submit bug reports on the phone also.

Any ideas whats causing the problem and is it just me!?

This doesn’t sound like any of our known bugs. If it is systemic, though, we’ll see it for sure in our reports.

Could it be my wifi / dns setting? (might have a play with it later and see if thats the cause)

As I said before the app was working fine up until a a week or two ago so not sure what the problem is at my end.

Both apps (phone/tablet) work on 3g fine which is the odd bit…just wifi causing the issue, the app appears to update feeds ok and then doesnt seem to stop the wifi connection (then crashes)

I think Ive solved the problem!!

I just tried using a couple of older versions of the app, 2.1.2 and 2.0.2. Same problem, both crashed.

So uninstalled and noticed I had seen a Newsblurcache folder on the sd card. I know I had selected to clear cache on the settings for the app but thought it might be an idea to manually delete this folder just in case.

Guess what, downloaded the latest apk after deleting the folder from the play store and it worked without crashing on wifi :slight_smile:

Lets see how it goes but a strange one to have an error like this only on wifi and to work on 3g. But deleting the folder seemed to have helped, fingers crossed!

Nope still crashes on updates…

Although deleting the cache folder manually gets it working again…and then i need to delete the cache to get it working…