Unfamiliar feeds occasionally appear in top level

For the third or fourth time in the last few months, I have a feed in the top level section that I did not subscribe to, Smarterware. Previously I’ve also seen BBC appear there, and I don’t even live in the UK… One or two other sites I don’t recall the names of have also appeared, which I’ve since deleted. Why could this be happening?

Happened again, this time with SmashingApps.com. I haven’t heard of this site and wouldn’t have subscribed to it.

Anytime I’ve seen that happen to me it’s because some feed I had subscribed to went dead and then that url pointed to another feed. It happens, considering it’s a valuable way of stealing an audience. Though I’ve heard of SmashingApps and BBC doing that before so it may have something to do with their use as a default url.

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Hi Sam,

Thanks for the info. This has happened again recently, this time with ReadWrite.com (http://feeds.feedburner.com/readwriteweb). I wonder if this is feedburner’s doing this time? It would be nice if there was a “history” where I could see when/if a URL changed, like how Steam lets you see people’s past display names. Though, it’s such an uncommon event it’s probably not worth the time to program that.

Also, whoops, I did not see your response for a really long time. Looks the email did come through though.

A history of feed urls is a brilliant idea. Adding a ticket: