Unexpected behavior when opening an article in Story mode

I default to viewing my articles in Story mode, but recently this has stopped behaving as expected. Here’s what I expect:

  1. I select an article from the site feed.
  2. The webpage of that article loads fully in the viewing panel.
    It should look something like this:

(note the story is still being fetched, more on that)

Here’s what’s happening today:

  1. I select an article from the site feed.
  2. The site starts to load, but the crosswalk icon appears for text and story views on the bottom left, and the full page that started to load is replaced with a text view automatically. As shown below:

Note the crosswalk and the warning about the story’s text.

  1. I then click on the “Story” option again, and I get the expected page load.

Why is newsblur forcing me into the undesired text view? This started a month or two ago and is happening on every site I view.

Looks like this is a duplicate of "Original story could not be proxied" after logging in to website - #11 by Tom_Dougherty. Head there and we’ll chat.

Reading through that thread, I think you are correct. This sounds like it’s related to the proxy. (noting I’m not attempting to log in or do anything with cookies)