Undo "Mark Everything/Folder As Read"

I occasionally accidentally mark all as read when I just mean to mark one folder as read. Is there a way to undo mark all as read, or mark folder as read?


The only way to mark everything as read is to go to the Manage Menu and select “Mark All as Read”. How are you accidentally marking everything as read instead of a folder?

Also, there is not currently a way to undo a mark as read action, since not only do I set the mark_as_read dates to the current time, but I also go and clean up all read stories so as not to clutter the database.

Anybody can slip up - they mean to select a neighboring item (Intelligence Trainer or Tutorial) and end up marking everything as read.

You can mark everything as read by hitting shift-A, too. I’ve done that by accident once, myself (I thought I was typing in another window and typed a capital A).

You might want to confirm that sort of action. “Are you sure you want to mark everything as read?”

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The read/unread status is pretty much the biggest reason I use a news reader. It is the single most important piece of information stored by a news reader. It’s not something discardable, nor is it easy to restore the state manually.

Please consider treating it as some rather important piece of data.

This was on a single feed? Or on a folder?

I’m all for a confirmation, but it would have to be a smart confirmation – one that is confirmed by hitting ‘a’ again, and dismissed by any other keyboard shortcut.

On that note, I have a confirmation for marking as read in a folder on the iOS app, but not for a feed. I think that’s the way to go, and it’s why I’m asking specifically if this is in a folder or a feed.

It was on EVERYTHING. (From “Everything”, shift-j takes you to the very first feed on the list.)

And I’d say use the standard “return = ok” confirmation. It’s on the far side of the keyboard and makes it much less likely to be an accident than another ‘A’ would be (IMHO).

Eh, I’d still lean towards “mark all read” confirmation even on a single feed, but maybe that’s me. Marking all as read is something I pretty much never do – if I do it, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a mistake on my part. As such, I would greatly appreciate the ability to cancel/confirm something that is 100% not undoable and has such a significant effect.

+1 for confirmation by Enter instead of a second press of the same key. Enter is big and equally easy to press intentionally.

Can we PLEASE have an “Are you SURE?” dialog for this? I just fat-fingered myself into marking EVERYTHING as read – the “shift” key and the “A” key are right next to each other and I managed to hit them both at the same time when I was heading for a shift-j!

Now I’m pretty screwed – a confirmation dialog would have avoided this! Please, pretty please??

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