Unable to use my account as a free trial

I just signed up with the Import from Google Reader option. I keep getting redirected to the payment page (https://www.newsblur.com/profile/stri…) but would like to first try NewsBlur with a free account.

The problem here may be that I created my account with the Import from Google Reader option where I have 100+ feeds. For trial purposes I don’t mind temporarily deleting a bunch of those feeds to get under 64, but I see no option on how to do that. I tried creating a new account but it says my email address is in use. If I could somehow delete the feeds in my account or delete my account and start over … I just want to trial NewsBlur with some of my feeds to begin with and if that goes well will go with the paid account. I’m basically stuck now … NewsBlur gives me no options other than the payment page.

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When I signed up there was a short waiting list (likely to save the servers from a massive new subscriber bolus). During that time I was taken to a page that offered instant access if you pay. Are you sure that’s not whats going on?

As I’m a paying subscriber now, I can’t test this. However, when I first joined. free trials were discontinued due to the massive influx. Yet, the subscription prompt was in a pop-up window. I closed the pop-up window, and from then on was able to use the service normally.

Jim, that was in March. Since May I’ve had a real paywall. I have yet to remove the Import from Google Reader link on the homepage, which I should probably do immediately. The queue is emptying quickly. It may be 2-3 days at most before you get your invite. I have them going out every 20 seconds now.


I’m a payed subscriber now. I have been for a short while. Very happy with the service too. I was just trying to help Ben above to try and discover how worthwhile NewsBlur is.


Thanks for all the helpful responses. I think I understand now the system with the invites to test a free account. On the page to enter payment details, it says “There are 5,945 people in front of you (and 272 people behind you), all patiently waiting on their free accounts on NewsBlur.” That 5,945 number has gone down quite a bit. So I’m in line, so to speak.

While waiting for that invite, I was able to install the iOS apps and log into my account and add a feed and read the feed stories (i.e. I can actually use NewsBlur now with the iOS app but not thru the website). I don’t see my Google Reader feeds, so those may not have imported. I do have my OPML file which hopefully NewsBlur will allow me to import once I signup/pay. So far things look good in the iOS app.

Ben, yep, you got that all right. For better or for worse, you have the exact experience I expect before you’re in. Paying gets you in immediately, otherwise it takes a couple days. And OPML is only online.