Unable to train in the latest version

Trying to filter out an author. Just getting something about barf.

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Hmm, can you tell me a bit about how you were training? Were you reading by feed or by folder? Did you tap the author name or open the trainer dialog?

Yikes! Got my problems mixed up. Anyhow…

iOS 7.1 iPad Air landscape

In the MSDN blog feed, I encounter a post in something other than English. In the past, I could tap train, then tap the author twice turning it red, and never see another post from that author.

Now, if I tap the author, sometimes it turns briefly green and back to grey. Sometimes I just get some barf error. Sometimes just tapping train brings up a barf.

Try aligning where you tap it. It’s actually two tap zones, one acts somewhat differently (unfortunately).

One tap zone surrounds the other. Like two concentric circles.

Odd. Just tested on a post I’m not trying to filter out (there isn’t a foreign language post for testing right now) It seems to be working as expected right now.

Still no joy setting an author to red. No matter where I tap, the button turns briefly green, back to grey, and then I get the barf message. Over and over