Unable to see stories on Safari 13 with beta

Starting today, I am unable to see any stories, either with “All Site Stories” or any specific feed. The number is present, indicating that there are unread stories. But the view panel is blank.

Chrome works just fine on beta. The iOS app works fine too. Safari is blank though. Ad blocking has been disabled, but that wasn’t the culprit.

Can you share a full browser screenshot of what you see? Or if you know how to use the developer console, do you see an error message?

From Safari:

From Chrome:

If you hit ‘r’ does that fix it in safari?

Hitting ‘r’ does nothing in Safari. It refreshes Chrome though.

I don’t know, I tried logging in to your account and it worked fine. Try switching from Unread only to All Stories (in the feed popover in the top right) and seeing if that brings stories in.

Hmm, I read all the stories in Chrome and now on Safari I see the proper view panel for when I have no unread stories. So at the moment I can’t actually tell if it’s working properly because there won’t be more stories until tomorrow morning. I’ll just leave it be for tonight.

Giving an update since my stories have refreshed:

The view panel is still blank. Safari 13 looks like the first picture above. Chrome shows everything just fine.

Viewing source on Safari gives this error message: 'd.replaceAll' is undefined, referring to the long line in this function:

    content_preview: function(b, c) {
        var d = this.get(b);
        b && d || (d = this.story_content());
        d = (d = (d = (d = d && d.replace(/<(?:.|\n)*?>/gm, " ")) && Inflector.stripTags(d)) && d.replaceAll("\u00a0\u200c", " ")) && d.replace(/\s+/gm, " ");
        return _.string.prune(_.string.trim(d), c || 150, "...")

That’s because replaceAll() wasn’t added to string in Safari until 13.1! (I use an admittedly obsolete version: 13.0.4.) Is it possible to do something else in your preview function for us luddites?

Thanks for bringing this up! I just pushed out a fix for it. Here’s the commits:

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