Unable to remove duplicate folders

I have a bunch of duplicated folders which I attempted to fix some time ago. What I didn’t notice was that removing those duplicates that showed as empty and not containing any feeds also removed the one good copy of the folders and all the feeds in it.
So I restored from the backup that got mailed to me, and not I’m stuck with all those duplicates again.

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What’s your username? I’ll take a look.

Same as my username on here: Crazor

There are even more duplicate folders if I open the folder list in the Add A New Site popover…

Ok, reload the page and you should be good. If this happens again I might have to write an automatic de-duplicator for folders.

Thank you, all looks good now. I’ll keep an eye on the issue, maybe I can come up with a way to reproduce it…

That’d be great!

I have duplicate folders that showed up as well, can you take a look at it or share a way to fix it?

Email me your username and I’ll be happy to fix it for you: samuel@newsblur.com