Unable to load list after certain period of time

Using Firefox 122 on macOS Sonoma (14.3)

Often times I’ll have Newsblur open in a tab and a story takes me out of that tab through an external link, for example. I’ll spend time reading that link. I might get distracted and it might be 10-15 minutes before I return to the Newsblur tab. When I return, I start advancing through my list of items (using the ‘j’ key and ‘m’ to mark as read). Then I reach a point where I can no longer advance. The item list has reached a superficial “end”. My only recourse is to refresh Newsblur.

In my experimentation, I can keep advancing the list if I maintain activity within Newsblur, but if I let that activity lapse an unknown amount of time the list stops growing.

Any idea as to why and would you be able to look into this behavior please?

The cache for the river lasts about 60 minutes. I’d love to figure out a better solution. If anybody knows I’m all ears. Here’s the algorithm: https://github.com/samuelclay/NewsBlur/blob/master/apps/reader/models.py#L113-L254

But yeah, ultimately we cache those story results for 60 minutes.