Unable to edit my 64 sites

When I use the “Manage Newsblur” menu and select “Choose your 64 sites,” I see a modal dialog that on the left reads as follows:

You can follow up to 64 sites.
You can always change these.

[Empty box]


The feed selection box is always empty. I had imported those 105 feeds via an OPML file when I first created my account. Despite the promise that “[I] can always change these,” it seems that I can never change them.

I recall this box working properly when I first opened my account. By the way, I’ve tried this editing sequence in two Web browsers: Firefox 22.0 and Safari 6.0.5 on Mac OS.


And just like that, now it’s working again: The feed selection box is now populated.

I have no idea whether my having written the complaint was involved in the change in behavior.

Actually, I spoke too soon. Just one of my feed folders is shown in the selection box. My full set has five or six such folders. Unfortunately, the one from which I wanted to enable a few feeds isn’t shown for now.

This problem is afflicting me again today. I can only choose sites from one of the folders. The remaining five aren’t visible.

Perhaps you can go the lower left and click “All”, which will make all folders visible

Are you suggesting that I click “All” before trying to edit my set of 64 choices? Surely that shouldn’t be necessary when things are working as intended.

Trying to edit the set again today (using Chrome rather than Firefox, if that matters) once again shows my full set of sites from which to choose. Something is flaky here with that modal selection dialog.

I just fixed that dialog late last week, so it should be working just fine now.

It’s still broken. If you are in “unread” or “focus” mode, then folders that don’t have any unread/focus items aren’t visible in the dialog.

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I just ran into this problem. As John Morahan suggested, I switched from Unread to All, and the box became populated.

I’ve just been told that this bug is fixed over here on this thread

and I’ve had a look and it does appear to be.

here is the link: https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…

Yes, this was finally fixed. Sorry for sitting on that one for so long.