Unable to Connect to Streetsblog RSS feed


I’ve used newsblur to manage the streetsblog NY RSS feed for years without issue, but a few weeks ago it stopped working.

The “fix a misbehaving site” popup shows this error while trying to parse:

There was a problem fetching the feed from this URL.
2023-06-18 08:39:25    HTTP Redirect (308)
2023-06-18 08:39:25    HTTP Redirect (10 to go) (308)

I’m no RSS expert, but the feed here looks like xml similar to other RSS feeds I’ve looked at, and the error doesn’t really give enough detail for me to research further. The RSS feed is available at:


Any idea what’s going wrong here?

Looks like /feed/ with a trailing slash gives a 308 redirect to /feed.

If you use that as your URL it’ll work. I’m guessing there’s some “well, looks the same to me” logic with trailing slashes in the newsblur code.

This sorted it, Thanks so much!