UI Layout initialization Warning

Using Newblur in Google Chrome produces the following series of error screens:

First Error:
UI Layout initialization Warning

The layout-container “BODY/body” has no height.

Therefoer the layout is 0-height and hence ‘invisible’!

Second Error:
UI layout-container “DIV/.left-pane” has no height.

Therefore the layout is 0-height and hence ‘Invisible’!

Third Error:

Same thing only ‘.right-pane’

Fourth Error:

Same thing only '.content-pane.

This does not happen in Firefox.

After I click okay on the four windows Newblur displays correctly. Not sure what is happening.

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I have seen that in Firefox, actually. Not consistently or reliably, though. It seemed to me like it had something to do with running in full-screen mode, but I can’t make it happen again…

It happens quite often to me (FF 10, WinXP) but only with this feed:
Happens with “Story” view while scrolling.

OK, I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s due to the jQuery layout plugin I’m using for “panes” not loading correctly. I have *no* idea why it happens, because when it does (it usually happens infrequently when I’m on my development environment), there’s no sign as to why it is happening. I think it may be a race condition, but I audited the code pretty thoroughly and couldn’t find it.

The fix is to refresh the page, but it’s insane that it is happening at all. One day I’ll come across it and have a great insight and get it permanently fixed. This is how many of these perplexing bugs eventually get weeded out.

Sorry for the necro-post, but this is still happening to me in Brave 0.26.39 on Linux Mint

As you say, the fix is to refresh the page.


Before you refresh the page next time that happens, open the dev console and see which calls failed and the error code. Better yet, take a screenshot. Does this happen often, rarely, or intermittently?

It only happens when I load all the tabs in one folder. I have a folder with 13 links. The Newsblur page only throws that error when I right click–>Open All Tabs. If I open the same link by itself, no problem.

I’m not familiar withe the developer tools, but will try to do as you suggest. Need to do some further reading.

Here’s the screenshot.


Oh fascinating! That’s because it isn’t allowing some JS to run because it’s own a background tab. It needs to hold on on running until the tab is foremost. I’ll noodle on this a bit.

It has started doing this in opera on Android for a couple of weeks. Every time I leave the tab open and return to it later.
Samsung galaxy tab s3
Android 9 with one UI
Opera latest version

I’ve also seen this error on Microsoft Edge [Version 89.0.774.63 (Official build) (64-bit)] on the Mac - the culprit was the “Super Dark Mode” extension. Once I turned that off and reloaded the page, it loaded up fine.