Ugly FB posts when created via the blurblog share button.

The FB post created via the blurblog Share button is quite a bit uglier than when you use the old-style Share on Facebook link. Compare.

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Yeah, I considered both, but I like the first one better. That particular example is poor, but others are just like Twitter. I think they work better as text links, instead of as meta-data links.

I’ll be A/B testing that at some point soon, so the winner will clearly be data driven. For now it’s the text style.

Just my 2c. I prefer several things about the second style.

  1. It says I’m sharing “a link”. Which I am. This means it is being represented the way FB conventions say it should be.

  2. The style is consistent with links to articles shared from other news sites.

  3. You get a thumbnail. Most posts have an image in them and this really helps make the links look attractive in your feed.

  4. Because FB knows I’m sharing a link, there is a Share option.

So long as the original FB share method is around I’ll use that instead, even though it is a few extra clicks.