Ugly favicons

This is only a problem for two of my feeds, and it’s a really low-priority problem. The favicons for Jon Hicks ( and Craigslist show up somewhat mangled for some reason. Is this a problem with NewsBlur or their icons? I’m not sure how to tell.


GitHub has this too.

This happens when a website has an ICO file for their icon. This started as a Windows only file-type so I guess we should be happy with browsers supporting it cross-platform at all. It’s, however, not a type of image that the browser can display on a page.

To still be able to display it NewsBlur converts it to PNG. Apparently the converting doesn’t do the transparency any good.

Samuel is often very fast with fixing bugs, but I guess it depends whether he can find a better image library to handle the converting… let’s see what he comes up with.