Two Newsblur Accounts. Two Twitter Accounts. What is going on?

I have two Newsblur accounts and two Twitter accounts. I did this because I thought that it would be easier this way to match each Newsblur account to a specific Twitter page.

My first Newsblur account syncs up with the intended Twitter account just fine.

My second Newsblur account isn’t sending articles to either one. When I was setting up this account, I was prompted to state that I wanted the feeds to go to my twitter account, but I wasn’t prompted for specific twitter user name.

I assume that there is a cookie issue here.

(1) How can I specify the site address of where I want each feed forwarded to?

(2) If I host both of my feeds in the same Newsblur account, could I specify that each feed go to a different Twitter page?


Multiple Twitter accounts just aren’t supported. Now, if you login as a different user, you can connect to a different Twitter account.