Two new SPAM accounts

My first time off finding spam in newsblur, both within minutes of each other.

1st account

2nd account
Which is also following me!

What’s amazing is that it isn’t automated. I looked in that account and there’s a person there doing stuff. Anyway, I deleted the one account and the other was auto-deleted by my spam detection.

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Excellent quick response as always thanks.

I suppose there must be enough people out there who are prepared to copy and paste for negligible money… I wouldn’t have thought they’d get any value from this forum.

I’m afraid there’sanother one

I took them out but it looks like something broke in automated spam deletion, so I’ll have a look at it and fix it.

The spammers get more clever at hiding their spam. What is it with people? There you are hoping to run a sensible service - which is great - and bad people’s actions mean you end up spending longer on protection than the good stuff.
I hope you keep motivated to keep us safe from the vast majority of junk that’s out there.