Twitter Videos

Thank you again so much for the Twitter functionality… they’re sorely lacking a “mark as read” functionality which drives me nuts.

Is there a way to get video to appear in the story?   For instance: shows up in NB as “Me when my I see my best friend for the first time in a while.” with the shortlink in place of the video

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Thank you for requesting this! I just deployed it and now you should see inline videos autoplay muted. It also changes the URL to the proper url. 

This is excellent, thank you!!

Could we add animated gifs also? ex:

Sorry to bump, would this be possible?

Edit: Here’s an example:

Just launched support for animated GIFs. Took a couple weeks but I added the feeds you linked above and kept seeing those animated GIFs not get animated. I finally had a spare moment today to figure it out. The system works!

Woo! Thank you!