Twitter Hashtag Searches

Would it be possible to add in functionality to your twitter integration to allow for adding feeds for hashtag searches? I’d like to be able to add feeds to newsblur to monitor specific hashtags.


Alternate URL I found that produces the same items: (assuming ‘hashtag’ is the hashtag you want to watch :smile: )

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I found a workaround using a 3rd party site. QueryFeed will generate an RSS feed based on Twitter search.


not only hashtag searches but training stories with hashtags would be nice

I still think the best solution would be to integrate RSS-Bridge rather than reinventing their wheel for each bridge type. I suggested it here: Support RSS-Bridge

That could work too. I don’t know how much effort went into the Twitter integration that we currently have, that’s why when I suggested adding the hashtag search, I also found a workaround. It’s been 6 months and its still working great for my use case.