Trying to train, but only getting barf

iOS 7.1 iPad Air. Completely unable to train. I tap the author, it briefly flashes green, then it goes to grey again and I get a server barf. This issue has been going on since the newsblur update. It generally worked fine before that.

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I’ll investigate this one. Another user had it, but when I went to investigate, it started working for them.

I tried uninstalling the app and re installing. No joy.

It appeared that my attempts to filter out foreign language authors resulted in me favoriting them sometimes, so I tried ignoring what I see on my screen. I tap once, wait for the barf, tap again, wait for the barf, then close the trainer. As far as I can tell that works. Which means the training might be working but the visual feedback on the iPad is not?

Hope that helps.

Having same problem on iOS v8.1.
One tag in particular was added by me in error. I can’t delete it only neutralise it. However it refused to change state saying “server barfed”.

It seems that changing state of at tag while training a story produces a server barf and does NOT change the state BUT if you do the same while training a SITE then the server still barfs but the state IS CHANGED.,

This is a bit of an old ticket, but in those 5 years I’ve trained plenty and haven’t run into this issue. I will say that tapping on tags/authors will sometimes skip around between green/red/neutral. What’s happening is that it’s detecting two taps but it’s a hard bug that i haven’t solved. Worse case you just have to keep tapping on the tag/author until it goes the color you want.

But yeah, the server erroring out isn’t something I’ve seen and can’t reproduce.

Thanks for quick response.

Seems like I was wrong. The tag does NOT change state after the server “barfs”. It’s pretty consistent. For my tag “USD” I get “barf, barf, barf” everytime. This particular tag won’t change state on the web version either.

However I have an idea. I’ve been investigating this a bit more and it is possible that the problem may be tags with “/“ embedded within.

Go to “train site” and get a list of site tags. If I select “AUD/USD” to change from Green to Red that tag does not change but the “AUD” tag does change. I can see it happening when I press “AUD/USD” which is Red and it’s actually “AUD” that changes to Green and “AUD/USD” stays Red. Very wierd.

I also never had an “AUD” tag before, it seems to have been added automagically… but I also see I no longer have a “USD” tag.