Trouble logging in, no means to reset password

I tried logging in, but the password isn’t working. I checked my browser’s password memory, only one is saved for the Newsblur site, and it isn’t working. When I try logging in, no password recovery link is given.

There should be a “Forgot password” link above the password box when you try to login and fail. It only shows up after a failed attempt.

There should be, but isn’t.

Oh boy, I broke it 2 months ago. Here’s the link so you dont have to wait for me to deploy it:

Hey, trying to log in using the official Android Newsblur client isn’t working for me. I’ve confirmed that my username and password work through the web interface. Any ideas as to the problem?

That’s a new one! Check your password for odd characters. I’d reset it to something alphanumeric.

It already is alphanumeric.

Ah, it worked just now. Maybe it was a transitory thing?