Trouble adding Substack feeds


I was able to add Substack feeds to NewsBlur in the past. Now, I’m trying to add these ones:

They are working fine when using the Firefox add-on “Want My RSS.” In NewsBlur, however, the following error message appears:

What could it be? Thanks in advance!

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My substack feeds stopped working today too. The feeds still pass validation, including at W3C, so I don’t know what the issue could be. Hopefully it gets fixed quickly!

Same here - my existing Substack RSS feeds stopped working sometime around midnight between August 8th and August 9th. (Not sure about time zone as displayed in the Statistics popup; if it’s different for different feeds, that might explain the variation.)

I checked an earlier version of the feed for one of the substacks, in the Wayback machine, and it seemed roughly equivalent. Both current and past feeds (around 2 months ago) pass the W3C validator, and the current feed actually has one fewer warning.

The Newsblur error log shows 403 errors on existing Substack feeds. Substack may be throttling or blocking requests from Newsblur for some reason.

Is there any update on or acknowledgment of this issue? It’s getting pretty frustrating that we can’t read the feeds from one of the web’s most popular sites. Thanks!

My own Substack feed works fine in NewsBlur.

However, I tried adding your feeds, and and got the same result.

To test, I added my own RSS feed and your two feeds to RSS Guard (a simple desktop RSS app), and all three worked fine.

Site settings in NewsBlur show OK (200) for my own RSS feed.


It now seems to be fixed for all of my feeds.


flatlands Your two Substack feeds are now working. I just added them to NewsBlur without any issues.

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Yes, all seems fixed now! Awesome! I’d be curious to find out what the issue was. They were blocking NewsBlur for some reason?

Substack feeds seem to be working again, but strangely I’m getting the same 403 error with a different site today. Just The News - Not The Noise Any ideas?

Thanks to Samuel, the Substack team, and/or whoever got this working!

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