I want a trial to see if Newsblur works for me. I don’t want to pay 24$ and find out that it doesn’t work. Please give me a month free trial or a even a week. 

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Unless the policy has changed, you can create a free account, that will allow you to subscribe to up to 64 sites, by clicking on “Sign up or Log in”. The premium account is very similar, just with unlimited feeds and faster updates (see the comparison in the lower part of the main page).

Long time-subscriber here (since when Google Reader died). Best investment in software I have ever made (despite the fact that I could cut down to only 64 feeds if I wanted). Love it every day, on the Web and on my iPad.

If you have tens or hundreds of feeds, $2/month is NOTHING. There is simply no better RSS reader, nor has ever been (and I’ve been using RSS for 10 years).

I agree that $2 is a good price, but I don’t know if it’s working. So I should pay $24 minimum just to find out if it’s working?

No, I can’t use the free ride, because there’s no way of knowing if it can do the text extraction as it claims, because that doesn’t work in the free version. 

It says: 

“The full   Text view is a premium feature.”

How the fsck can I know if it can even do a full text view of the specific RSS feeds I need?

I’ve got other readers that works with some sites and some sites not. 

If the trial limited text extract works until the cutoff the full one should too, basically a matter of did it find the article in the page or not. Only problem you’ll have is if they ever break articles in to multiple pages (Ars Technica for example does this for long ones), then it’ll only get the first page.

I noticed the link from your quote led me to the feed for phoronix, that the site you need it for? Worked on all the stories I checked with the notable exception that one had an iframe embedded and the text view did not extract it and that on article was paginated (Xeon E5-2609 Benchmarks) so the text view only got the first page.

Samuel has offered refunds in the past for premium subscribers that find NewsBlur does not fit into how the customer wants a feed reader to work. You could just sign up, try it out for a month, and if it does not work out, email (I think this is the right address) with your receipt email and account name asking for a refund.