Trial Premium Options

There should be a 6 months, or even a trial, of premium features. As of now, I can’t justify paying the yearly amount as Newsblur does not fit my needs better than an alternative like Google Reader can’t provide. The premium features, if they do work well, could prove to justify the $12/yr but I simply wouldn’t know until trying it.

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I have to say, $12 is hardly a bank breaker for what you could consider a one year trial. It amounts to 3.3c per day.

I’ve found NewsBlur to be a great replacement for Google Reader, and transitioned to a premium account after just three days of using the free one. I haven’t looked back.


Also, the free version is already a trial. The differences between trial and premium are essentially how often your feeds get fetched, being able to use the River of News (folder view) beyond the limit of 10 stories, and access to trail features like real-time and social.

$12 seems very fair for a trial, considering there is a free version.

Especially given the hassle of free users:…

To put it another way, how many more users would a trial version bring in? Let’s say it brought in 50 users. Could you develop and support a change for less than $600? Probably not.


These features are worth the price point, if they work well for me. If they do not though, I’m stuck with something that I’ve paid for but won’t likely use.

I should’ve mentioned in this in my OP but an option to prepay for 6 months is worth the risk in my view to the premium options.

It would cost the developers nothing to offer a 6 month billing period rather than a 12 month one.

Look at it this way, don’t see it as a ‘premium option.’

See it as a way to support the developer. A developer which is throwing out these premium options as icing on the cake.