Translate into my language

Autotranslation of posts, per feed setting.

Google Reader has (had) this for 4+ years and is (was) really nice…

Presumably helped by Google having Google Translate in-house.

Best would be integration of a completely open source translation system. As far as I know there aren’t many “complete” options……

A lesser option would be use of a proprietary API, presumably offered by Google and Bing.


Is there a workaround until this is built-in?

I would consider this feature, but it’s quite a bit lower on the priority list.

Just to express support for this: I don’t think it needs to be the entire article, just the ability to have titles translated would be really valuable. With Google Reader I followed some RSS feeds that aren’t in a language I know and having the titles translated let me know if it was worth reading the article. Appreciating that this isn’t trivial and might put lots of load on the servers I’d even perhaps pay a small premium for this feature, if necessary.