Training Randomly No Longer Working

Training just randomly stopped working about a month ago & is still not working. I’ve tried via the tags & via the Train button. Both will mark properly, but the stories are still being shown in the feeds. It seems it blocks a few, but the majority slip through. It’s incredibly cumbersome. It’s the exact same thing on the Beta site too, they don’t work anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks!

What’s your username, I can take a look.

Awesome “DorenSeanMichael” Thanks!

Any updates? It’s still not working. IsraBox channel in particular. Thanks!

Hi, any updates yet? It’s still not working. I have tried Safari, Chrome, Firefox & Opera. They all fail & still show stories that should not be. Please help. Thank you.

Sorry about the wait, your account should now be all set, just reload the page and unread counts should be correct.

Hi, thanks, but it’s still not working. It’s still showing Trained/Blocked stories. See screenshot. Thanks!

in that picture, you have a red tag, but the author is green. anything green overrides red, always.

Yep, @steanne is correct. See the FAQ for details, but green wins.

Ok, thank you, but I never “set” anything to green per se, so I must have bumped that by mistake. :joy: I’m currently experimenting with new contacts & I didn’t even see the Author’s name in green till you mentioned it @steanne :sunglasses: This is the best news I’ve had all day! Thanks guys! :grinning: