Training on multiple phrases in the title in one go

I don’t know if I am doing this wrong or if this is a bug, but here’s what happens.

Let’s say there is a feed item with the TITLE, AND NOT TAGS “100 years of growth of the American shopping mall, animated” and I want to train the AI to ignore every article in the future whose title contains “shopping mall” or “animated”.

  1. I select “shopping mall”, a green badge appears below, I press thumbs down and the badge color changes to red.

(I don’t press the ‘Save Training’ button right away because I have one more word left to train on.)

  1. I select “animated”, and … instead of a new separate badge for “animated”, the text on the previous one changes from “shopping mall” to “animated”.

This creates a big hassle of going back (by pressing done training) and forth (selcting item again etc) when trying to train on multiple tags.


Yes, that’s correct. You can only train on a single facet in the title at a time. It’s a restriction, but in the four years of running NewsBlur’s title classifiers I rarely if ever wanted multiple titles classifiers at once. And for the chance time that I did, I just went back in.

Well, not a major problem but an annoyance I also noticed.

I would also like to train multiple facets. The impact of this issue has increased since blacklisted items are now directly removed from the story list. Before, they would just be grayed out so i could click them again and train another facet.